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About NBTT

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Main Themes

Which methodologies and criteria does the scientific community accept as yielding valid results, and what mechanisms are, or should be, put in place to prevent the emergence of ‘false facts’ and abuse? On a more fundamental level; what is truth, and how is it time-, place- and person-dependent?


Truth in Science


The exchange of knowledge between science  and society

How can this be done objectively and with impact when communication and decision-making are often more about sentiments and opinions, than about facts? 


BCN conference on trust and truth in science

The Research School of Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN) is an interfaculty organisation at the University of Groningen. BCN represents and coordinates the neuroscience research of the University of Groningen. BCN's research mission is to bring together interdisciplinary research at different levels, specifications of brain activity at the molecular or cellular level, analyses of physical and mental operations, up to the complex level of information processing. The BCN community cares deeply about matters of truth in science and previously hosted the Nothing But The Truth Symposium in 2021. This year it looks forward to hosting Nothing But The Truth conference, which will serve as part of a course requirement for its PhD trainees. 

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