1-2 November, 2021

BCN presents


'Nothing but the Truth'

BCN conference on trust and truth in science

The BCN Conference ‘Nothing but the Truth’ will be devoted to ‘truth and trust in science’, both within the scientific community and in the broader arena. During a two-day conference, we will discuss several important topics in plenary lectures, interactive workshops and masterclasses by renowned experts. In a two-day program, the above issues will be covered by experts in their fields in plenary lectures as well as interactive workshops and debates. Confirmed speakers are John Ioannidis, Heather Douglas, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, members of IPCC, and talk show host Arjen Lubach.
We specifically invite young researchers who are in early stages of their careers, and provide input form their values and opinions.

'There is a growing debate on trust and truth in Science, both within the scientific community and in the broader public arena. 
Within science, researchers are more aware of problems in the way science is organized. Controversial issues include poor reproducibility of findings, competition between scientists and journals for high impact and ‘first findings’, the importance of such ratings for individual research careers, the role of the funding system and the influence of commercial interests.
On a societal level, people have become more sceptical of scientific facts. Politicians, opinion makers and the general public may have trouble recognizing fact from fiction, and ‘alternative facts ’ are used to support different agendas.